About Oak & Willow

I founded Oak & Willow Training when I realised how beneficial this blended approach of using technology and face to face teaching would be. This integration in training platforms provides structure with flexibility that suits modern life.

- Sarah Fox


Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 2.46 states:

sthira sukham asanam

Commonly translated as “posture (asana) should be stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha),” but is more literally translated as “resolutely abide in a good space”. At its core that is what Oak & Willow is about.

We are the sum of many tiny parts acting as a system and that system is in constant communication with the environment around us. Every movement, habit, gesture, experience and emotion leaves an imprint on mind, brain and body. Through a deeper understanding of ourselves we can become resilient, like an oak tree, and adaptable, like a willow tree. Our work is to find balance. In this course we learn how to use the system of Yoga in its many facets as a tool to find out what it is that we need to balance ourselves on every level, including the health of our musculoskeletal system, our nervous system, our mental and emotional state and our connection to what we deem as spiritual or our highest capacity as valuable members of society.

This Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to giving you the tools to utilise both the anatomical and energetic aspects of yoga and to bring balance to yourself as a yoga practitioner and as a teacher or leader for students of all levels of experience, ability, age and degrees of mobility. With modern techniques influencing traditional methods of Classical Hatha Yoga, you will learn how to create strength, flexibility, and control through full range of natural motion and have the skill to lead students to have a deeper understanding of their body and mind with an informed progressive yoga practice.

I am training with Sarah on her yoga teacher training and I am finding it incredibly life changing. Sarah doesn't just hand you information, she teaches you a new way of living with the education incorporated. Her methodical and heart-centered approach is so encouraging. I always feel like I am stretching yet comfortable. I'm excited to see what's to come.

- Trisha (250hr Foundations Training 2021)


You will learn how to teach yoga with the authenticity of your own personality, incorporating your true passion for the practice in educating and inspiring others. You will learn how to lead classes that are empowering and educational, by understanding what it is to teach with the integrity of intellectual knowledge that is supported and deepened by ongoing personal spiritual development and connection to a supportive community.

You will learn how to facilitate a new map in another person's body, through an understanding of the criteria for healthy movement and the enquiry as to how that feels for the student. You will guide your students to create change within themselves through specific language that leads to precise technique and skillful embodiment while being light, playful and encouraging. This vocabulary will be innate to you on completion of this course and you will have an advanced understanding of why and how we do what we do.

This course will have expert guest teachers in many areas including self development, mindfulness, yoga philosophy, celtic mythology, movement skills, embodiment practices, compassion focused living plus basic business and financial skills relevant to teaching yoga both in person and online. The course is assessed continuously using self feedback and trainer feedback in anatomy and practical skills plus a final exam with an external assessor and written anatomy exam. You will be constantly mentored throughout the course and given advice and support.

Sarah is a yoga teacher and mentor who exemplifies integrity and rigour. She is warm, perceptive and caring, as well as thorough in her research and presentation. Her ability to link practice and theory is inspiring. To be taught and guided by her is a real gift.

- Sile Ni Bhroin

About Sarah Fox

I have been facilitating students development in Yoga Teacher Training since 2012. I aim to teach you the skill and art of alignment focused Hatha Yoga aligned with the energetic aspects of yoga to inspire you to continuously grow. I'm trying to teach principles and fundamentals that are universally truthful rather than aligning to particular schools of Yoga, while still pointing out the lineage and traditions that are available to us. My course is unique as we will look at both Eastern and Western philosophy, and most importantly Early Irish spiritual practice. I am an ordained 'Priestess of the Sacred Land' by Coire Sois (Cauldron of Knowledge) School of Irish Spirituality and conduct ceremonies in accordance with the Celtic Wheel of the Year. I will integrate this native wisdom in this course.

I will teach you how to integrate cutting edge science and ancient deep traditional wisdom into your life and yoga classes. With my years of training and working as a 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainer plus my own in-depth study of advanced yoga teaching methods combined with my own exploration in a deeper understanding of strength, conditioning, natural movement with techniques like Functional Range Conditioning and Pilates principles I have a vast array of skills to share with you. I love to use playful methods to get you to feel how your body works.

I can assure you that you will laugh a lot on this training. I will teach you classical alignment influenced by functional movement techniques and strength and conditioning principles to educate you on how to teach yoga with confidence, competence, humility and grace. I am hugely dedicated to the path of teaching students the keys to advance in their physical practice and spiritual practice and understand how that shows up in real life.

My own spiritual study would have been initially very influenced by the Satyananda school as my introduction to Yoga Philosophy would have been with Swami Shantimurti. Following that, my studies would have been influenced by the Buddhist scripture of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism and now culminates in a sense of dedication to connect with Ireland in a deep and meaningful way. I do this through research of Early Irish spiritual practice in Irish Mythology and Bardic Texts and with guidance from my spiritual teacher, Deirdre Wadding, plus learning old skills like Early Irish Wire Strung Harp and Irish Percussive Dance (Sean-nós).

I have been a practicing Clinical Medical Herbalist since 2014. The key aims of herbal medicine are to develop an effective healing program which will utilise herbs, nutrition & lifestyle advice.


  • BSc Herbal Science
  • Dip. Clinical Herbal Medicine
  • Senior Yoga Teacher & Trainer
    (Yoga Alliance Professionals)
  • FRC Mobility Specialist
  • PTTI Pilates Instructor
  • ITEC Massage Therapist
  • Tui Na Ireland Chinese Medicine and Acupressure
  • FETAC Exercise & Fitness Instructor
  • Coire SOIS School of Irish Spirituality

Sarah also runs an online yoga class subscription service with new content added weekly. Visit and join up at the link below.


Sarah is a fantastic teacher. One thing I’ve found is that she anticipates everything. Her cues are brilliant because her use of language and communication skills are excellent.

- Michelle (250hr Foundations Training 2021)

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